Frequently Asked Questions

What is Berkeley Loyal?

Berkeley Loyal is a giving society that honors donors who have made gifts to UC Berkeley in consecutive fiscal years (July 1–June 30). Any donors who have made gifts in each of the three most recent fiscal years as well as current Cal parents and students who have made gifts in each of the two most recent fiscal years become members of Berkeley Loyal. When this distinction is achieved, these committed supporters are recognized for the total number of years in which they have made gifts to Cal.

What are the membership tiers?

  • 2 years of giving (for current Cal parents and students)
  • 3+ years of giving
  • 5+ years of giving
  • 10+ years of giving
  • 15+ years of giving
  • 20+ years of giving
  • 25+ years of giving
  • 30+ years of giving
  • 35+ years of giving
  • 40+ years of giving
  • 45+ years of giving
  • 50+ years of giving
  • 55+ years of giving
  • 60+ years of giving

How do I become a member of Berkeley Loyal?

If you make a gift in each of Berkeley’s three most recent fiscal years or two most recent fiscal years for current Cal Parents or students, you will automatically become a member of Berkeley Loyal.

Who were the giving grads?

Through 2021, donors who made a gift to UC Berkeley during their senior year of study automatically became Berkeley Loyal Giving Grads. They maintained their Berkeley Loyal membership by continuing to make a gift each fiscal year (July 1–June 30). The Giving Grads program ended in 2022.

Why does consistent annual support matter?

Annual giving is instrumental in keeping the campus and its programs functioning at the exceptional levels for which we are renowned. We rely increasingly on our loyal donors’ commitment to preserving and enhancing Berkeley’s excellence in education, research, and public service through their generous annual gifts.

Berkeley Loyal members exemplify the university’s motto, Fiat Lux (“let there be light”), by providing crucial, ongoing support that makes so much possible for our students, faculty, and programs.

What recognition will I receive?

Berkeley Loyal members receive an annual communication confirming their continued status and the number of years in which they’ve made gifts. New members and those reaching new tier levels also receive a special window decal showing their membership tier and participation year so that they can display with pride their commitment to the university.

What happens if I miss a year?

If you miss a fiscal year of giving you will experience a lapse in Berkeley Loyal membership. Membership can be reinstated with three consecutive years of support. At that time you will be welcomed back at the tier that includes the total number of years you’ve made gifts to Berkeley.

Which gifts count?

Your annual contributions at any level, to any school, college, department, or program on the Berkeley campus will establish and sustain your membership in Berkeley Loyal, which is designed to recognize your consistent annual support.

Do pledges count?

Berkeley Loyal recognizes donors who make gifts to the university every year. While pledges are not applied toward membership, contributions you make toward your pledges do count.

How do I contact you?

If you have questions about your giving or your Berkeley Loyal status, please contact Donor Services by email at or by phone at 510.642.4379.