Be Berkeley Loyal

When you make gifts — of any size to any place on campus — in each of the three most recent fiscal years (July 1–June 30) or two consecutive years if you’re a current Cal parent or student, you achieve the distinction of Berkeley Loyal. You are recognized for the total number of fiscal years in which you’ve made gifts to Cal.

Be “Berkeley Loyal” and give today!

Strength in numbers

Being Berkeley Loyal shows your dedication and belief in the transformational value of a UC Berkeley journey. As of 2023, nearly 28,000 donor households qualify as Berkeley Loyal, with 138 households giving for 50 years or more! Berkeley Loyal members are the cornerstone of Berkeley’s success, helping the No. 1 public university in the world carry out its public mission.

Berkeley Loyal Households by State

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You’re investing in the future
The Campanile at UC Berkeley

Photo by Adam Lau/Berkeley Engineering

Berkeley Loyal Households by Tier

Your investment in Berkeley does so much! From helping make scholarships and fellowships possible for thousands of students to supporting groundbreaking research into challenges facing our world, our university is able to do so much because of the contributions of Berkeley Loyal members. With help from devoted heroes like you and others in the Cal family, UC Berkeley can continue to be a wellspring of illuminating solutions for society.